How to Earn money Home Base Part time and Get Rich from Online Business


How to Earn money Home base part time and get rich from online business

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In recent years, many people are looking to earn money online home based by working part time online and looking to get rich by working online from home based online work. However, lots of them are not getting success due to less of information and lots of fake online businesses. 
Therefore, I am here to help you guys to give you more information about genuine online home based work which will give you lots of wealth and become rich and avoid 9 to 5 boring and hectic rat race kind of jobs.

Online Home base Work Tips

The best and easiest ways of earn money online and getting rich are writing blogs through WordPress, use affiliate marketing, do freelancer work and do digital marketing using seo, sem in your WordPress websites.
WordPress websites are very easy to use with inbuilt plugins and available in very low cost prices. First of all, you need proper domain and purchase web hosting space. I am using Blue host web hosting service which is available at very nominal cost around $3.90 per month and they are providing free domain of your choice as well.  You can purchase blue host web hosting service from below link with free domain.

How to Start own business from Home and Start Earning

After purchasing web hosting, you can simply install WordPress software in your web hosting space and start writing blogs about favorite topics and gather readers around the world. You need to learn SEO bit and use Google keyword tools from Google Ad words website and select high monthly searched keywords with low competition keywords in your blogs Titles, descriptions and body part too. 
I would suggest writing articles between 1000 to 4000 words and using Yoast SEO plugins from WordPress too. That’s the best seo tools available in market. It will automatically submit your articles in Google search engines within 2-3 days itself. So, if you write quality articles which are very useful to readers, you will get increase in subscribers of your websites.
Once you are getting quality traffic in your website, you can put Google ad sense and put some affiliate programs in your website. Some of the famous affiliate networking sites are CJ (commission junction), shareasale and click funnels.  You can even sell eBooks or put online shopping products in your website too because in future people will get more awareness about  online reading and online shopping which you can generate good amount of profits as well.

How to get Success in your Business? 

I know writing blogs are very time consuming and boring stuff. But you should think that you are writing book and this is your own business and it will grow traffic day by day and you will generate online home base free income from your business for life time. I think you should target for write at least 500 blogs or articles and then see the magic of getting organic traffic and enjoy the ongoing income for life time.
I would suggest you to give 2-3 hours a day and write at least 2 articles a day, therefore in 1 year you will get 600-700 quality articles in your website. Then rest of magic will be done by Google ad sense and affiliate marketing tools and it will give you online income for life time which will be increasing gradually over the time. So friends, let’s start with purchasing best quality and low cost domain from blue host and get free domain of your choice and start writing blogs.

How to get free from Job and Enjoy the Freedom?

But you need to be very serious and dedicated about writing blogs because you are writing blogs for your own business and if you really want to get out from 9 to 5 rat race kind of jobs and want freedom in your life then you must do this.  Because, you can write blogs while travelling, or on vacation or in weekends any time and you don’t need to be in office 9 to 5 to do this work. 
This work of writing blogs will make you free from your jobs and you can travel anywhere in world and share your experience through articles and add your travelling photos and give reviews about many beautiful places around the world. There are many stories of successful bloggers who left their jobs and writing blogs for their own business and earning in millions and becoming very rich. Some of the successful bloggers are earning around $200,000 per month through their blogs and affiliate marketing and still they are travelling around the world.
If you are not web development expert and don’t know about installing WordPress and installing plugins, then there is one readymade tools for your convince. That software name is WP-Engine, it is inbuilt software with all the plugins are pre installed and you can start your online business start with that software and available in very cheap cost too. You can get more details and buy from this link below.
 It has got many features available and mentioned below.
 Click here to get more information about WPEngine Hosting here. 

Every year WordPress, online marketing and the way users interact with our websites is changing. For this reason, it seems very hard to keep up with all the advice and trends!
Now we all know the latest trends are just that, trends. If you shift your website to every whim and every shiny object, you’ll be misdirecting your valuable time and resources. On the flip side, if you don’t implement some of the features that could increase sales and traffic on your website, then you’re missing out on low-hanging fruit. So what do you do?
There are always some great features that sprout, and stick around for a while, proving themselves to be of value. Over the last couple of years, the below features are slowly becoming mainstays on a productive WordPress website. These features are great for small business owners and those who use their website to grow their online presence.
Let’s start with the shiny things!


User experience is important. Keep them in mind when implementing features and optimization on your website.


Lead capture features are easily possible with a wide variety of plugins, having a lead capture box on your website is the best feature of 2018. This doesn’t mean it needs to be an obnoxious popup or take up half your page, but a smart lead capture placed in the right spot can encourage visitors to interact with you and invite you to engage with them more to convert them from a lead to a customer/client.


Also possible with a wide variety of plugins, chatbots are becoming more and more common. Personalized chatbots that integrate with your CRM, however, are the best way to implement this feature and actually convert a lead to a customer/client.
By personalized, I mean that you are able to know more about the user than the fact they are a random visitor. If you use a CRM like Salesforce, Infusionsoft or Active Campaign, you can know if they’ve downloaded a lead capture, clicked on a certain promo or even interacted with your social channels

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Having a user-friendly mobile version of your website has been the key advice for the last 5 years. Yet more than just a mobile-friendly website, you need a mobile experience. Your website should be easy to use and you should have a theme that allows you to hide/show certain elements on your mobile view for an optimum experience.
Considering that most people surf and check out websites on their mobile devices, the ability to hide and show certain elements can lead to faster page load as well as a better user experience. Using a front-end page builder like Beaver Builder, you have the option to select which elements you want to show on mobile devices and which you don’t.
Consider a Digital Experience Platform to help optimize your website for mobile. Check out how a migration to WP Engine will result in better performing mobile website.


Gone are the days of the boring name/email/message contact forms. Due to some amazing contact form plugins, the common website user can create conditional logic forms easily based on the visitors information and what they really want to request.
Loading the form with options to conditionally show questions is not as tech-heavy as it once was and creates a clean and easy to use contact form. Knowing more information about your visitor can be more important than the message. With plugins like Gravity Forms, you can have your website send over extra data info about the user through the message like the browser and machine they are sending from and the address of the page that referred them to the contact form.


The typical “main content plus sidebar” set up eventually gave way to the “wide content set up.” Thank goodness for the popularization of sticky elements to avoid important info getting lost. Sticky bars at the top, headers that scroll or sticky bars at the footer offer up a way to reinforce that one important take away of your website – the main call to action you want your visitors to take. They are less annoying than pop-ups that fill the whole screen and should be leveraged for important events, sign-ups, notices and other important actions the visitor needs to take.


Video headers are very trendy, yes, but having a video on your website can really drive home the quality of what you offer. If you aren’t sure about a video header, it’s more important that you have a theme that can easily insert one and easily take one out. Drag and drop themes like Beaver Builder and Elementor are all the rage and are easy enough for non-techy website owners to use themselves! 
These 5 features continue to serve WordPress websites and will likely continue to be must-haves moving into 2019. I call them shiny because they are features you can see on the front-end of your website and make your website look fresh and up-to-date. Implementing any of these are sure to increase your metrics.


Now, there are 5 more behind-the-scenes features that are a little less shiny but are just as, if not more, important. I personally feel these 5  are critical to having a WordPress website in 2018 and should not be neglected.





WordPress is the most popular platform for websites and for that reasons it’s a key target for hackers and malware. The best way to prepare against losing your investment is to keep WordPress and plugin software up-to-date. Even more so, you need to have a website maintenance plan with a website professional who can have constant eyes on the website and do this for you. Every website should be on a website maintenance plan, and pairing website owners with website professional for website maintenance is what all I do at WP Care Market.
To help give you peace of mind, WP Engine’s Digital Experience Platform offers real-time security threat detection, automatic backups, a global CDN and automated SSL certificates. WP Engine was rated #1 in managed hosting by TechRadar. 


Your website needs to load fast, everyone knows that. However, no longer is this advice just for user experience. Page load speed now factors heavily into your search engine ranking. There are a number of cache plugins out there and tools to improve performance, but above all, I’ve found that being on a reliable website host is the more important for a fast experience for your users.
WP Engine’s proprietary EverCache technology combines proxy servers, database, disk caching, and content delivery networks to serve your media incredibly quickly. Additionally, WP Engine optimizes Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform for WordPress to provide you with a range of affordable, enterprise-grade solutions that deliver lightning fast, scalable, highly available and secure experiences.


All websites should be Search Engine optimized, even if they are not trying to rank for any keywords. With the many popular WordPress SEO plugins, you can easily fill in custom meta information for your web pages and posts. You don’t need to be an expert to explain what the page is about but doing it will help you in the long run.


I’m always surprised with how many websites I see come across WP Care Market that aren’t utilizing Google Analytics.  I never blame the website owner as the website owner seems to also discover they don’t have GA when we run our website reviews! Don’t let that happen to you and secure Google Analytics tracking your website. You may not think you need to know your website visitors actions and numbers, but when it comes a time that you actually do want to know, you won’t have anything to measure it against.
Content Performance is a WP Engine plugin that integrates your raw data from Google Analytics and optimizes it for WordPress, to help marketers and publishers better understand how their content is performing among real users on their sites.


On that same note, add your website to the Google Search Console. This is a free service from Google to help give you an overview of your website’s search ranking, site health and flagged issues. Again, even if you don’t think you need this, it’s is a proactive step for when you will. Adding your website to this free service through a Google account, best done by the same account that has access to your Google Analytics so you can verify you own the website.


In the new year, as you see posts come out about the latest trends for 2019, remember that it’s all about how it serves your website, which ultimately serves your business. What works for someone else may not be right for you right now.
Turn to a web professional to seek advice (like through our service at WP Care Market) or read up on blogs like this one that digs through the pros and cons of the latest trends. Just don’t suffer from analysis paralysis! Keep in mind the benefit it serves you to implement these features now, they are popular features for a reason!

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