Charity Review – Donate to Chakshumathi – Helping Visually Impaired People


Chakshumathi – Helping Visually Impaired People

Chakshumathi is the nonprofit, nongovernmental organization located in Thiruvanandapuram, Kerala. The organization is helping people from a very long time and is looking forward to achieve their goal in every possible way. This organization is working in India since 2011 when it was announced to help the visually impaired people. With the prime objective to help these people this organization has come a long way. Chakshumathi is also responsible for developing the resources for such people and working diligently for their empowerment. It also supplies the assistive technology these blind people need to lead a better life. In order to make life easier for these people such organization has always strived hard.

Vision and work:

They came up with new technology, supplies and assistance in order to make life better for the visually impaired people. It is also a member to the DAISY Forum of India. This organization is now leaded from the front by V. K. Damodaran who was previously working as the President to Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad. As far as the prime activities of Chakshumathi are concerned, they are doing a wide range of things in order to make needy peoples’ life better. They are also publishing the books as per the DAISY standards. They are organizing workshops which are based on assistive technologies and intended for the visually impaired people. It is the a nonprofit organization that is based in Kerala and is working hard to develop different resources for use of the visually challenged people. It is one highly popular organization that is working hard for such people and trying to help them in every possible way. The organization was started in 2011 in India.  This organization has engaged in many different activities and has launched many different projects on higher level. Some of the activities involve providing right textbooks or other books to the children for reading and books for visually impaired people from the libraries across the world. They are also planning to organize different workshops on the assistive technologies only for visually impaired. They want to give them the right training in production of the books or other materials that can help them in further learning. They also want to provide right training to these people and help them to engage in the different productive activities. This is the aim of the organization and wants to help many more people of India.

Donation appeal:
Your donation will come in handy to support the elimination of social injustice and poverty in this country. Donate to support the girls who are still waiting for a formal education. Your donation will help many poor girls to fulfill their dreams. Need your help and support for our Noble work. Please Donate for our Charity with $500, $100 $50 or any amount to help our charity work and help our NGO.
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