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Link Ethiopia – Delivering Proper education

It was the starting of 1996 when Link Ethiopia has come into existence. It was the time when Link Ethiopia was named as Gondar Link. It was announced as the very first official and complete school link to educate students both English as well as the Ethiopian language at the secondary school level. During that time Dr. Challoner’s Grammar School was considered as the base for the Link Ethiopia. It was located Amersham, South England.

Vision and work:

However, the first center for Link Ethiopia was established at Gondar. This was the 3rd biggest town in this country and also known as the ancient capital for this nation. This place is backed up by a very colorful and interesting history as well. Link Ethiopia is the charity that is working to provide education in a country like Ethiopia. It also started cultural awareness programs among people in UK and Ethiopia. Mostly these programs are conducted among the young people. Now Gondar is where this organization has its head office. From this office they tend to deliver all the support programs for the children. Schools in rural areas and towns are targeted by them as well. It also works with the schools located at Lake Tana, Lalibeal, and Bahir Dar. Link Ethiopia is the links between many schools of UK and Ethiopia. They are planning to include child sponsorship, volunteer teaching and infrastructure, training and resourcing projects for schools across Ethiopia. They have till now supported over 100,000 kids of Ethiopia from this school linking projects as well as 30,000 through cultural programmes in UK. Thus, it is a very big achievement, as they have improved life of many kids till now.
School linking is one of the main focus of the Link Ethiopia and it is their goal to link as many school as possible. These links allow people of US, UK, and Ethiopia to come together and know about one another and their cultures. Schools participate in many different activities that include learning activities, and where students of every country will take part at same activities or share the experiences afterwards. This encourages students to ask for more questions about the linked culture of the school. The school links programme run by Link Ethiopia is been praised by many organizations. Thus, this is one of the best organization that is looking forward to help kids to link to different school.

Donation appeal:
Your donation will come in handy to support the elimination of social injustice and poverty in this country. Donate to support the girls who are still waiting for a formal education. Your donation will help many poor girls to fulfill their dreams. Need your help and support for our Noble work. Please Donate for our Charity with $500, $100 $50 or any amount to help our charity work and help our NGO.
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