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Ufosa Foundation – United Funding Of Special Areas Foundation

Ufosa Foundation is a charitable organization based in UK. This is one very popular organization that is working towards improvement of the people living in UK. It is also an international organization and having headquarters in UK. The aim of the foundation is to give good life with right education and health care to the people who are deprived of such facilities. It is also having office locations in South Africa and USA. The foundation is quite popular with their goals and has educated many people from different region of the country. The prime objective of this organization is to assist people for the betterment of their lives while allowing them to receive better education, health and family wellbeing. They are trying hard to get in touch with the people who are deprived of all these facilities and help them in every possible way with the help of their foundation. In order to achieve such objective they are primarily targeting the children and unprivileged kids. The foundation is running from a very long time and has gained huge reputation among the people of UK.
Robert Vallier who is a British pilot has announced this international organization. He wanted to improve the life of these people by starting a foundation that can reach to these people in a wider scale. His prime view was to assist and support the unprivileged as well as disadvantaged people and children across the globe. They have offered many kind help of the deprived people all over the world. They are looking forward for any kind of help from the citizen as well.

Vision and work:

Ufosa or known as Unite Funding of Special Areas is working diligently in order to help deprived and poor people and trying hard to offer them a better life. Since the inception, Ufosa Foundation has helped more than 5,500 children living in South Africa. They also conduct their charity work for the children and families based in UK.  For Ufosa Foundation, there are many committed people working across the globe. At the offices of this organization located in South Africa, USA and UK, these people play a great role in terms of conducting the noble works. Ufosa Foundation is now looking to reach and help over 30 communities across South Africa, and uniting them in the far reaching development programme that will include Family Wellbeing, Health and Education.

Donation appeal:
Your donation will come in handy to support the elimination of social injustice and poverty in this country. Donate to support the girls who are still waiting for a formal education. Your donation will help many poor girls to fulfill their dreams. Need your help and support for our Noble work. Please Donate for our Charity with $500, $100 $50 or any amount to help our charity work and help our NGO.
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