Donate to Adhya Educational Society (AES)


Donate to Adhya Educational Society (AES)

AES or known as Adhya Educational Society is a nonprofit charitable organization which is determined to supply the best education and teaching methods that are based on emotional development, local culture and arts. Sunil Mayreddy is the prime person for this organization. The slogan of this organization is Restructuring Schools for Common Good. This nonprofit organization is based at Hyderabad, India. The prime objective of this organization is to support the unprivileged children while offering them innovative and quality education. They also offer a great importance to the offering of science education, language development and mathematics education.  This is a very good organization and has been working very seriously in this field, for doing some good work. It is a very good cause and these people are doing it with full dedication and performing very well. If they get more help then they can perform much better this is a organization which serving people since a few years and resources are limited, but in whatever they have they are performing well. that is the best part about them. This society focuses a great deal on improving education and providing the needy with all that they need to complete their education every way. There are lots of big organization coming the help and that is the best part about it. So what are you waiting for go and put your helping hand towards it.
Vision and work:
It’s the Adhya Academy and Project Gift Compassion this organization is performing all these activities quite effectively. For the Adhya Educational Society, Project Gift Compassion is considered as one of the best outreach program they have delivered. As per this project the Adhya Educational Society engages schools, teachers, children and parents while exchanging small gifts. These gifts are prepared by the children from different communities as well as backgrounds. In this way, Adhya Educational Society strives hard to bridge hope, compassion, and trust among the communities, parents, teachers and children. There are many other projects now announced by Adhya Educational Society. However, Project Gift Compassion appears to be the best one among all these projects. This is how they are also trying to eliminate the gap that has been developed among the communities in India. This nonprofit organization is also looking forward for the betterment of life for the unprivileged children who are yet to find good education.

Donation appeal:
Your donation will come in handy to support the elimination of social injustice and poverty in this country. Donate to support the girls who are still waiting for a formal education. Your donation will help many poor girls to fulfill their dreams. Need your help and support for our Noble work. Please Donate for our Charity with $500, $100 $50 or any amount to help our charity work and help our NGO.
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