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A Powerful Desktop Trading Platform for Day Traders

SureTrader Desktop (SureTrader Pro) is a Level II, Direct Access software. This trading platform comes complete with fully integrated point-and-click trading. See any stock anywhere on your screen, click on it, and it’s loaded for execution. This is the preferred desktop software for day traders because of it’s advanced features.

  • Highly Organized and easy-to-follow Level II Screens
  • Advanced Charting Capabilities
  • Programmable Keys and Load Order Entry Features
  • Real-time News
  • Window Linking and Customization
  • Real-time Profit and Loss information
  • Operates on Microsoft Windows, Mac Operating System through BootCamp
  • Available in Multiple Languages: English, Chinese, Russian
  • Starting at a $49 Monthly Platform Fee

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Montage Trade Window

Our highly organized and easy-to-follow Level II screens let you quickly see how the Market Makers and ECNs are lining up. Use Level II data to quickly spot imbalances to the Bid or Ask side. Plus, easily track Market Makers and ECNs to see who the major players are in each stock and whether they’re buying or selling. Combine Level II with real-time intraday charts and Time & Sales windows, and you have the best opportunity to trade off of buy side or sell side biases.desktop-2

Advanced Charting Capabilities

SureTrader Pro gives you a wealth of charting capabilities and timing indicators. Choose from a full range of chart types including Price, Candlestick and more. Plus, go right into the action with real-time daily charts, and intra-day charts. Then ramp up your market analysis with technical indicators, trend line studies and drawing tools. All of which are updated in real time, tick by tick. This type of up-to-the-tick analysis is an incredible advantage for traders targeting quick momentum moves or for investors that want to get the best buy/sell price for their long-term trading strategy.Charting Image

Quote List

One of the most exciting and insightful tools is the Quote List. The Quote List serves several functions at once. First, it gives you immediate “at a glance” knowledge of where the securities you’re following are right now. It instantly alerts you when your price or volume targets are met. Second, it provides over 10 data points including Last Trade, Bid/Ask, Intra-day High/Low, $ Change, Volume and many view

Top List

Pinpoint the hot stocks to trade. Our Top List window allows you to see which stocks are making the big moves with just a glance at your screen. For example, watch as a list of the Nasdaq’s highest Gainers or Losers is updated on your screen every seconds. You’ll see which stocks have posted the highest or lowest price gains so far for the day. This easy-to-read window also allows you to see 20 columns on your screen.Top List

Account & Positions

The Account Manager is the accounting center of SureTrader Pro. This window contains two separate areas which dynamically track your positions and buying power.Account & Positions


Real-time News

Breaking News focus on:

  • Earnings reports
  • Earings warnings/pre-announcements
  • Earnings surprises
  • FDA approval/disapproval
  • Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Alliances/partnerships/Major Product Releases
  • Major Contract wins/losses
  • Restructuring/Layoffs/Management Changes
  • Stock Splits/Buybacks/debt offering

Realtime News

System Requirements

  • Processor: 2.4 GHz or higher (dual core or better)
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM.
  • Operating System: Windows XP or later.
  • Resolution: 1024 x 768.
  • Hard Drive: 300MB free space.

Why SureTrader?

Why day trade with SureTrader? You want an online broker with a top reputation, and that’s what you get with SureTrader. We’ve been in business since 2008. Here are some of our more notable distinctions:

  • Licensed by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas.
  • Exchange Control Regulated by The Central Bank of Bahamas.
  • Audited financials by BDO Chartered Accountants & Advisors The Bahamas.
  • Licensed personnel & over 60 support staff.
  • To check if your Foreign Financial Institution (bank/broker) is FATCA registered Search Here.

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Our Technology

SureTrader’s state-of-the-art platforms cater to experienced and novice day traders. Beginners can learn the ropes of day trading with our free SureTrader ActiveWeb. As day traders progress, they’ll want to subscribe to SureTrader Desktop, for powerful, Level 2 trading. This sophisticated package allows day traders to glean up-to-the-minute market information, since information is power, it will improve the odds of a successful trade.

Our Mission

At SureTrader, we believe our clients should have access to the best online trading platform at an affordable price. SureTrader Combine these attributes with our lightning-fast trade execution, powerful charting tools, 24/7 customer service support, and SureTrader delivers superior trading experience at competitive rates. Here are just a few examples of the SureTrader advantage:

  • Providing up to date and easy to use trading technology
  • Prompt, friendly and knowledgeable trader support
  • Security that protects your privacy and personal information.

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Benefits to Day Traders

Day traders know it’s not just earnings that count, but how fees cut into their proceeds. At SureTrader, our fees are as low as a penny per share ($4.95 minimum) and $0.50 per option contract. Day traders can open a SureTrader account with just $500. We offer various options for account funding, including debit and credit cards. With most options, funds are in your account the next day and available for trading. How does SureTrader offer all of these benefits to day traders? As all of our trades are executed in a principal capacity, we are your counter-party.


Advantages of Trading with SureTrader

Making money in day trading depends on state-of-the-art, intuitive software. SureTrader provides a choice of software to give you every advantage in day trading. Our system easily handles high frequency trades. Besides lightning-fast execution, SureTrader gives day traders access to powerful, sophisticated tools, including advanced order types, charting features and technical indicators. SureTrader clients have access to a 10,000+ list of short symbols, the most available from any online brokerage. How do we supply such a huge number of short symbols? We clear through multiple clearing firms. Our SureTrader Active Online Trading program promptly lets clients know whether or not a stock is shortable or if restrictions apply.
Leverage is the lifeblood of successful day trading, and SureTrader offers 6:1 leverage for intraday trading and 2:1 leverage for overnight trades. Our SureTrader Active Online Trading program promptly lets clients know whether or not a stock is shortable or if there are restrictions.
If you’re new to day trading, learn the ticks of the trade before executing any actual trades. Our $100K free demo allows you to work on a technique and strategy that best fits your day trading style. This demo gives you the advantages of day trading without incurring any losses before you’re ready to go “live.”

Pre-and-Post Market Trading

World events change markets instantly. Breaking news is the bread and butter of day trading. With SureTrader, you’ll enjoy the ability to react immediately to factors affecting the market even if the markets are closed. Our extended trading hours give you a bigger opportunity to profit. Extended hours begin at 8:00am and ends at 6:00pm EST.

Why You Should Trade with SureTrader

Now you know many of the advantages of day trading with SureTrader, but there’s another important trading advantage day traders cannot afford to overlook – superb customer support. Our licensed trading professionals are available via email, phone or chat to answer questions and help our clients. Low fees, immediate executions, a state-of-the art platform, the highest number of short stocks available and friendly customer service – SureTrader gives you every advantage for day trading. We give you access to the top tools – now go out and trade.
SureTrader is a leading online broker for day trading that provides you with attractive options and advanced tools for your trades, including expert friendly customer support.

$0.005 Per Share

Trade only $0.005 per share with no hidden fees. Also, commissions for options trades are only $0.50 more per contract.

Powerful Trading Tools

Take advantage of advanced order types and multiple charting features, including technical indicators and more.

Lightning Fast Executions

Our stock trading software features direct access technology. Send orders instantly, view real-time market data and more.

Award Winning Customer Support

Fast and friendly customer support from licensed trading professionals via live chat, phone or email.

No Pattern Day Trading Rules

We’re the best brokerage for pattern day traders. No pattern day trading regulations & no account minimums.

6:1 Leverage

Get 6:1 intra-day & 2:1 overnight leverage on marginable securities above $3 with a $500 account minimum.

Extended Hours

Pre & post market trading allows investors to act quickly to news and events that occur when the regular market is closed. Pre market hours are 8:00am – 9:30am EST., and post market hours are 4:00pm – 6:00pm EST.

Routing Options

SureTrader gives you the advantage of getting the best fill on your trades via our principal trading desk.

One of the Largest Short-List

We offer over 10,000+ Symbols to short daily which makes us one of the best stocks & options broker.

Licensed & Regulated by Securities Commission of The Bahamas

The Central Bank of The Bahamas and the Securities Commission of The Bahamas ensure adherence to international standards of performance, service and confidentiality for Banks and Trust, Securities Broker Dealers, and Securities Investment Advisors. The Commission’s mission is to “effectively oversee and regulate the activities of the investment funds, securities and capital markets, to protect the investors while strengthening the public and institutional confidence in the integrity of those markets.” For day traders, this strong adherence to regulations means they can depend on the Commission to investigate any financial malfeasance, with the power to levy substantial fines and jail time on violators.
why suretrader

Superior Website Security

SureTrader accounts are protected by cloud-based Site Lock, a global leader in business website security. Not only does Site Lock ensure that SureTrader’s site is free of malware and your private information is safe, but it also optimizes website efficiency. That’s crucial for traders dependent on lightning-fast trades and up-to-the-second financial information.
why suretrader

Secure Socket Layer

SureTrader uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which provides safe channels for devices operating on either the internet or an internal computer network. SSL encrypts all of the information transmitted between the browser and server. Along with securing the platform, SSL protects passwords and other vital information. You know a site is secure when you see the SSL padlock symbol or the site’s URL appears as HTTPS rather than HTTP. The SSL symbol on our website assures you know that not only is trading secure, but you can have confidence in the secure trading payment gateway. Additional safeguards include our powerful firewalls to maintain the confidentiality of all transactions.

Introduction to Trade Rates

With SureTrader, you’ll always know exactly how much you’re paying in stock trading rates. Our online trading rates are straightforward, and you won’t get hit by hidden, unexpected fees. Trading fees are posted online, and if you have questions, you can contact one of our licensed, professional customer service representatives by email, phone or chat.
Competitors may offer free or very low trading rates initially, but these are limited-time offers. In just a short time, often 30 to 60 days, these trading fees can increase. With SureTrader, your trading rates are not “teasers” – these are our low standard trading fees.


Our competitive options trading commissions are only $4.95, plus $0.50 per contract. Unlike traditional commissions, it is not a percentage of your trade, but akin to a trading rate. SureTrader’s new commission rates now offer ZERO routing fees. No-cost routing fees are just another way SureTrader saves traders money on a daily basis.
Full-service brokerages make the bulk of their income from commissions, but it makes no sense for day traders to use these types of services. Discount brokerages offer lower commissions, but offer little in return other than a trading platform. SureTrader gives clients top research tools, lightning-fast execution and up-to-the-minute information to help them succeed.

Fee Strategies

Fees cut into your profits. High fees can turn a break even or minor trade profit into a loss. Just as you have a strategy for day trading, you should develop a fee strategy for lowering your overall trading rates and saving money. Before choosing a broker, check their fee structure for every possible trading scenario. Transparency is the key. If the information isn’t posted clearly on the site’s website – as is the case with SureTrader – don’t even consider it. You’ll find SureTrader provides the most competitive stock market trading rates online.

The SureTrader Advantage

SureTrader offers so many advantages for the day trader, low fees and commissions are just part of the way we serve clients. Day traders also have access to 10,000+ stocks for shorting, the largest number available online. We offer 6:1 leverage on intraday trading. Before starting real trades, use our $100K demo to make virtual trades and learn the ropes. Give SureTrader a try and discover our advantages firsthand.

Simple Pricing with No Hidden Fees

  • Volume Per Month

    < 1,000,000

  • Per Share Rate


  • Per Trade Minimum


  • Per Trade Maximum

    $50/ Trade

For volumes over 1,000,000 shares per month, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Call-in trades are an additional $25 per trade.
  • Option exercise or assignment will be charged $25 each.
  • Trade fee 1 is $0.0000256 of the total dollar amount of securities sold. It is assessed for all SELL orders and is added to any total commissions charged.
  • Trade fee 2 is FINRA TAF Fee. This fee is $0.000119 per share of securities sold ($0.002 per option contract) with a maximum of $5.95 per trade. This fee is assessed on all SELL orders and is added to any total commission charged.
  • See the full list of Account Fees.

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