Real Unbiased Genuine reviews of Livon Hair Oil Latest


Real Unbiased Genuine reviews of Livon Hair Oil Latest

I remember when Livon Silky Potion was launched in India in the early 2000’s it was met with much curiosity. I wasn’t oil, and yet it you put it on after you wash your hair. It made you hair silky, without the chip-chip pan (stickyness). And it guaranteed to give you soft, detangled, manageable hair.
I am sure it got a lot of people curious, but whether the product took off immediately or not, I am not sure. But what it did manage to do is introduce the concept of hair serums to every Indian household. Today there is a variety of both Indian and imported hair serums available in India. I picked up Livon Silky Potion (aka I LOVE MY HAIR- Detangling Fluid) and some thing is an green package with Bipasha’s photo on it. Of course the one in the green bottle didn’t impress me, that is why I don’t remember it. But I recently ran out of the hair serum that I currently use and picked up my Livon.ParasPharma.Com
According to the manufacturer Paras Pharma:

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livon real reviews
livon real reviews
  • “Almost every woman has to put up with frizzy, tangled, dry or dull hair. That’s why every girl needs Livon. Enriched with Vitamin E and a unique CutiSoft formula, Livon is perfect for everyone who wants perfect hair.
  • It gently detangles hair and reduces breakage, leaving behind a shiny, protective sheath that keeps your hair soft, shiny and beautiful.
  • No matter what your hair type, Livon can set it free from almost every problem. So don’t let hair problems tear you and your hair apart. Fall in love with your hair again withLivon Silky Potion.”

THE PRICE: The product is available in a couple of sizes. I have the 20ml tiny-tiny bottle that I paid Rs.50 for. Taking the amount into consideration the cost averages out to as much as I pay for my CHI and John Frieda serums.I’ve used the product about three or four times! It’s a smalllll bottle!
USE: I apply the product mostly to the ends of my hair and then comb through my hair to ensure that the products gets spread around evenly. I then let my hair air-dry. The product has a very faint almost indiscernible smell, which I cannot smell at all as my shampoo and conditioner have pretty strong smells. Ok, here is what works and what does not.
PROS of Livon Silky Potion:

  • It makes my hair smooth. Now I haven’t tried this product on without conditioner, but having used my shampoo and conditioner without a serum, I can tell the difference. This definitely adds smoothness and further pushes my cuticles down = less visible splitends.
  • It detangles my hair. I lose a lot of hair when I try to comb it after I wash it (even with a shampoo comb) so I just put this on and let my hair dry. And Voila! There are no tangles, I can run my hands through my hair without it getting stuck half way.
  • This is what the website claims it does:


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