2018 Veterans Day deals See How America Celebrated Veterans Day


2018 Veterans Day deals See How America Celebrated Veterans Day

Veterans Day is officially celebrated on November 11 each year. It’s a special day to commemorate all of those who have and continue serving in our armed services, and the holiday is held on November 11 annually because that was the day in 1918 when World War I ended.
Veterans Day is a federal holiday, and when it falls on a weekend — like it did for Veterans Day 2017, and like it does again this year — it is generally observed on the closest weekday.
Veterans Day 2018 is on a Sunday, when many offices, businesses, schools, banks, and the post office would be closed anyway. So, in most cases, Veterans Day is being observed on Monday, November 12, this year. Here are more specifics on whether banks, post offices, restaurants, stores, schools, and more are open or closed for Veterans Day.

Are Banks Open or Closed on Veterans Day 2018?

Many banks are closed on every Sunday, so it’s especially difficult to tell if banks are open or closed on Veterans Day 2018 itself, or on Monday, November 12, in observance of Veterans Day. Peoples United Bank and Eastern Bank, for example, state specifically that their locations are closed on Sunday, November 11, for Veterans Day, but open on Monday.
Meanwhile, the branches of banks like ChaseU.S. Bank, and First Citizens Bank are closed on Monday, November 12, in observation of Veterans Day, and have normal business hours on Sunday, November 11. (That doesn’t necessarily mean these banks are open on Sunday; they are simply closed or open as if it was a regular Sunday.) The branches of some other banks, like TD Bank, are open on both Sunday, November 11, and Monday, November 12.
Overall, there’s a good chance your bank is closed on Sunday and Monday. But because there is no overarching rule for whether banks are open or closed on Veterans Day 2018, you should check out your local bank’s website or call up to see about Veterans Day hours.

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Are Post Offices Open on Veterans Day? Is Mail Delivered on Monday?

Post offices are closed on November 11 in 2018 because it is a Sunday. Monday, November 12, is a postal holiday — the day that Veterans Day 2018 is being observed — so post offices are closed and no mail will be delivered. However, most FedEx and UPS stores and services are open on Monday.

Is the Stock Market Open or Closed for Veterans Day?

The stock market is always closed on Sunday, so it is closed on November 11. As for Monday, November 12, when Veterans Day 2018 is being widely observed, the New York Stock ExchangeNasdaq, and other major U.S.-based exchanges are open for business with regular hours.


Are Schools Open or Closed on Monday for Veterans Day?

Most schools, including public schools in major cities like SeattleLos AngelesNew YorkChicagoDallas, and Boston are closed on Monday, November 12, in observance of Veterans Day 2018. There are exceptions, though: In Atlanta, for example, public schools are open on Monday, November 12.
While most schools are closed for Veterans Day on Monday, it’s best to check your school’s online calendar to see if kids and teachers have the day off on November 12.

Is Walmart Open on Veterans Day? Are Restaurants and Stores Open or Closed?

Walmart is open on Sunday and Monday. Likewise, virtually all major restaurants and stores are open on Veterans Day itself and Monday, November 12. In fact, many stores host huge sales over Veterans Day holiday weekend, and dozens of restaurants are open on Veterans Day with special freebies and discounts available for customers with military ID.

Are Government Offices Open or Closed on Monday for Veterans Day?

Monday, November 12, 2018, is recognized as a federal holiday, and all non-essential federal government offices are closed. Monday is also the day Veterans Day is being observed at the vast majority of state and local government offices, and locally-funded institutions such as libraries. They are all generally closed on Monday, November 12.

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